A1 Gluten Free Gals Bakery is a family based bakery driven to bring delicious gluten free treats to not only those who are gluten intolerant or celiac but to everyone who wants to enjoy a treat "handmade with love"!  Our dedication begins with blending our own flours in store to ensure the best quality goes into each and every one of our cookies, muffins, cupcakes and breads along with our pies, tarts and perogies.   

We have made a commitment to our customers to bring fresh, flavorful items across a wide spectrum including pre-made meals that help to make breakfast, lunch and dinner an easy time in any household.  
The Oshawa location has been opened by A1 Gluten Free Gals founder, Marilyn Leaver's, daughter Amanda, who once seeing what a difference her mom makes in people lives wanted to have the opportunity to do the same.  Seeing people light up when they enter the bakery is what drives Amanda  to create new products and keep things changing.  As egg and dairy allergies are also becoming more common, there are also vegan items constantly being added to the menu to increase the variety of those hard to find items.

A1 Gluten Free Gals Bakery truly believes that everyone must be able to enjoy delicious baked goods regardless of their allergies or intolerances. So if there is something that your sweet tooth is craving don't hesitate to ask, and Amanda can do her best to accommodate!